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The Write Way: Finding Growth in Reviving The Old

Trying Something New...or old?

Have you ever tried something new?

I know, such a silly question. You may not like trying new things, or you may object to change. But EVERYONE has tried new things.

Babies have to try new foods, I mean, how else will they get from milk to pizza?

Adulting is a whole charcuterie board of new and fresh choices. You get a hard choice, you get a hard choice, you get a hard choice, yay!

Even getting saved is trying something new!!! AKA from death to life and all that.

Trying new things is a part of being human, so yes, of course, you have tried new things so maybe the better question would have been:

Do you consistently try new things with the objective of growing as a person at the forefront of your mind and with the hope that trying those new things will help you achieve that growth in the way that you envision?

Yeahhhhhh, that wouldn't have worked...


That's more of what I mean!

But there's another layer under that, being as though we're all spiritual and whatnot. So let's unravel that.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 - What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

It Aint Really that New Fam

You see in my case, there are three new things that I am trying that are all closely interrelated, so that I can grow and finally become the Christian Batman or at least the Christian David Goggins. You know, gotta be more realistic.

  1. Writing and Brainstorming (I rely way too heavily on going off the dome... aka. improvising)

  2. Planning and Building Systems (I am a go-with-the-flow type of guy)

  3. Relentless Consistency in posting content

The idea is that all three will flow into one another and that they are my goals, simply because they help one another to happen. And to me, a lot about these three things is new territory! That can make it scary and sometimes makes me not want to do it. BUT WE GOT TO!

Now I could sit here and type away about the systems I've created so far, but that might bore you... so instead I'll just tell you this. This week is supposed to be dedicated completely to writing and brainstorming and last week was content week... and WE likeeeeeee content week... but writing week seemed a little bit like a, well you know... One of those things you have to do.

Following? Ok great.

Content week is great, fantastic fun, where I get to stretch my creative skills and have a blast creating the content that goes online. But lately, I have been thinking on the fact that my content hasn't been at my best.

I know I can elevate my content.

And to elevate it... I knew that writing and brainstorming was necessary. No matter how much I want to avoid it. No matter how much I don't enjoy it, even though I typically enjoy the results. I knew that this was a necessary next step. (Kinda starting to have fun writing this... oh the irony)

Content Week

Writing Week

Okay... I did like me some Big Bad Beetleborgs as a kid, but it sure wasn't Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.. but I digress.

Writing Is a New thing I'm Trying to DO,

that isn't really that NEW.

Ok, so back to Salomon's woes in Ecclesiastes. Not only is nothing new under the sun in general, but sometimes God will call you to do things that were already in your toolbox, but you have just been neglecting them, for whatever reason.

You see with me, I know that I typically want to get to the point as fast as possible. I don't want to think, and yet I want great results.

While I have been told that I am a good writer, writing forces me to think, to explore topics, to review and change, to develop a thought in a way that is slower than my mind thinks it. Which might actually be a good thing.

I needed to get past the idea that speed was the only determinant of productivity and embrace the idea that slow work is necessary to achieve excellence.

Anyway, at this point I think I'm writing too much. So lets move forward.


Here are the final lessons I learned through this so far

  1. God will push you to do things that are unnatural to you and don't feel like the best way to get from A to B, and yet it always is. Therefore accepting it, sooner rather than later, is a major key.

  2. Whatever God is doing in you, it ain't new! Trusting His past experience in being able to guide both you AND the process will give you peace to work from, that mentality is again... a major key. lol OK, I promise to stop.

  3. God does not believe in wasted treasure. Sometimes He will call you to bring up an old skill during a new time, so that you, or what you are trying to build, can grow in the process. Trust the process and try that new/old thing.

So, what do you think? I think you can comment on these blog things, is God moving you to try something new in your life? Sound off in the comments below.


On Another Note (This might be dope to you)

Writing and brainstorming have also helped my mind to stretch and be more creative when I do have to go off the dome. This "poem" was recorded for a YouTube video and was NOT written before. That was extremely fun. Read the poem below or check out the video where I improvise the whole thing. It ministered to me, maybe it will to you too!

the video link: 

the text version:

God longs for you

so much

of our time in church is spent on

trying to understand God and

trying to

focus on all of these things about our relationship with him

and to focus on what we need to do and how we need to change. So much of our time is spent on us.

Not realizing that he already spent

so much time on us

God longs for you.

God created you.

God saw you one day in his mind before you were even born. He saw you in his heart. Your personality traits were formed in the inner workings of his heartbeat.

And he saw you. He loved you before he even made you. And we spend so much time in worry in anxiety in everything that goes on in our lives.

So much time we spend

on trying to figure life out and

trying to achieve our purpose,


trying to make it to the next day, to the next paycheck, to the next love.

And yet

God longs for you.

God created you.

God formed you.

He took his hands and pieced every single piece of both your physical and

spiritual being together to form the pieces of who you are

and set his fingers into the stars and picked out

a purpose for you and said,

I love you.

I love you so much that I want to give this purpose to you and yet we spend so much time questioning ourselves,

wondering if we are worthy. Wondering if we are good enough.

Thinking about all of our deficiencies and holding ourselves back from a life of purpose because we feel

like we will never be enough. Not realizing

that within our hands we hold everything that we could possibly need.

Not realizing that

God longs for you.

God created you.

He formed you.

And He sees you.

He sees you in every intimate moment of your life.

Intimate because of brokenness or intimate because of joy. And

he takes the joy and the brokenness and pieces it together into a wonderful

tapestry. A tapestry of love, a gift to you that

if you aren't careful, you would look at it and despise it a tapestry called life.

A tapestry that if you are not careful, you would look at it and despise it, not realizing it is a gift to you, not realizing

that he longs for you,

that he created you,

that he formed you,

that he sees you,

that he loves you.

And we spend so much time

feeling unloved, feeling lost,

feeling broken in a world full of people who seem so complete,

feeling like no one could ever possibly love us if we truly expressed who we are with all of our energy, nobody

could possibly see me and yet still love me.



actually know who I am and long to be with me and

nobody actually knows me enough to know how I was in the beginning and how I will be at the end or who I am right now in the middle. Nobody. There is nobody. And yet

he longs for you.

He created you.

He formed you.

He sees you.

He loves you.

You have everything you need in Jesus


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